Spectrum Control’s modular EMI filters can replace custom designs and meet global EMC regulations for commercial and mil/aero applications.

Spectrum Control has unveiled a new family of modular AC power EMI filters that address global EMC regulations and withstand harsh conditions in a range of commercial and military/aerospace applications. These include industrial automation and controls, medical equipment, renewable energy and smart grid, railroads and infrastructure, telecommunications, data/cloud storage and military/aerospace systems.

Spectrum Control's modular EMI filters for commercial and mil/aero applications.

(Source: Spectrum Control)

Addressing time to market and space constraints, the APITech modular EMI filters are available in 27 configurations with options for height, current (6, 16 and 25 A) and attenuation performance.  All modular EMI filters have a maximum leakage current of 3.5 mA. The company offers a guide on how to select the right module filter for your design.

The modularity provides time and cost efficiencies specifically where SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost) is critical, said the company.

The rugged devices feature common and differential mode attenuation. Suitable for 120 volts AC and 240 volts AC in 50 Hz and 60 Hz applications, the devices are said to provide excellent insertion loss characteristics up to 1 GHz and beyond. The operating temperature under full load is 65°C versus the industry standard temperature of 40°C. The operating temperature range is -30°C to 65°C. The devices are built in accordance with UL 60939-3 and CSA 22.2 No. 8-13

The APITech modular EMI filters are available with lead times of six to eight weeks.



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